Privacy Policy

Goldengate FIDO2 security key and Bio Manager App are designed and developed by eWBM Co., Ltd. eWBM Goldengate security key conforms to the FIDO2 specification completely. With the Bio Manager App, the user can register and store their fingerprint data into the secure area of Goldengate FIDO2 security key. After that, users' identity will be verified by using PIN code.

We value user's trust in providing their fingerprint information. The Bio Manager App will not store and retrieve any personal information including fingerprint data. It sends only commands to Goldengate FIDO2 security key. Goldengate FIDO2 security key is committed to protecting user's privacy. All the enrolled fingerprint data is stored in the secure storage of Goldengate FIDO2 security key, which can protect user's privacy from leaking in any case.

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